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About Reid + Lou

About Us
Designed Locally
Created with Care
Representing Love and Community

Our Mission
To spread love and community to Tampa Locals.

Our Story
Francessca and Abby grew up in Tampa, FL, even attending the same local high school. Francessca fell in love with Abby’s brother, Brad, and soon they became family. As Francessca and Brad expanded their family, their family grew by two, Reid & Luca . 

Both ladies have a love for Tampa and drive to incorporate their creativity. After discussing ideas, the ladies decided to team up at the beginning of 2020 to start their business endeavor together. 

Reid and Luca, Francessca’s sons and Abby’s nephews, are the inspiration behind the name, Reid + Lou. 

The team felt the call to unite the community through tees. From infants to adults, everyone is included in the Tampa community. Tampa is love.